WikiaFrog is the founder of Frog Place. He goes on the game on Fridays.

Vital statistics
Position Moderator, Founder
Species Human, Tree Frog
Items Black Glasses
Physical attributes
Meetable? Yes
Created on Watchamacallit


WikiaFrog loved frogs. When he was little, he had a pet frog who died from killing himself. That never ended his love of frogs. When he got older, he discovered Club Penguin. This inspired him to create his own game, with frogs. He discovered Wikia, and created Frog Place Wiki. He is to making the game and WikiaFrog's making a website.

Creating Frog Place

WikiaFrog banded together some friends from some wikis and created Frog Place. He is now developing the game, as i said so 2 seconds ago.


Dats What I said

ITS OVER 9,000!

I just heard someone say that FIVE MINUTES AGO!!!!!!

What the heck are you talking about?

Got any Ideas?