Frog Place
Frog place logo

The logo by Grey Puffle.

is an upcoming virtual world with frogs. In Frog-Place, you are a frog (you can personalize your features).


It all started when WikiaFrog wanted to create his own virtual world because he was bored of Club Penguin. So, WikiaFrog joined forces with Fatewate, the graphic designer lead for Frog place, Leader of CP Parties! , a member on Club Penguin Wiki, and Grey Puffle , some Amazing Graphic Designers who has previously worked on another game, Epicface43 and Rhysw2002, who's ideas can't be beat. These people will not only create the best game, they will create the first FROG game.


In the game, you are a frog (Colors Green, Brown, Red, Blue, and Pink) in a huge world, or place, called Frog-Place. You have your own home, a Lilypad, and you could even open your own store!

The GameEdit

The game will come out in Febuary or March 2013. 


Main Room is the room you go to when you log on. In the main room, you can go to two Stores: The Clothes Store, and the Insect Resturant.

Clothes Shop is the store where you can buy clothes

Insect Resturant is the fancy resturant...where you eat bugs.

Swamp is your neighborhood, where your lilypad could be found.

Disco Cove is the place where you dance and swim

Moderator Room is a room only where moderators commonly go

The Woods is a room where the Big Oak Tree is found.

Big Oak Tree is another Frog Place room. Inside is Needleflop's lab. 

Needleflop's Lab  is the room inside the Big Oak Tree.