Captain Frog is a mascot on Frog Place. He is a superhero.

Captain Frog
Vital statistics
Position Superhero
Species Frog
Items Captain Frog's Viking Helmet, Captain Frog's Superhero Mask, Captain Frog's Jacket//Cape
Physical attributes
Meetable? Yes
Created on December 26, 2012


  • hey frogs!
  • Hey ppl!!
  • its da Captain Frog! :D
  • Fate, can you tell these people what a SUPERHERO is?
  • sure!
  • Ya feel good??
  • lets get insects at the Insect Resturant!!
  • a insect plz!
  • how ? what??
  • no i dont
  • do ya have 3 slaps?
  • oh no! he's coming!
  • Dog!!!
  • hahaha just jokin'
  • hahaha just jokin!
  • thats right [insert color here] frog!
  • My cape? Do you like it?
  • So ya say ya like my viking helmet!
  • Yeah, I love my mask too!!
  • what?
  • I bought it in the Clothes Shop a long time ago!...
  • I doubt if they have it anymore.
  • uh? not sure...
  • thats right!!
  • Bob?? whos that?
  • a fireman you say... I think I heard of him...
  • Jack Frost? I'm... getting cold...
  • Red? Nope, I never heard of Red.
  • Needleflop?... what is he a scientist???
  • Dog? I know him, I think, more than I should...
  • Seymore? Seymore Hoppington?...
  • Spike? Who's that?
  • construction worker you say?...
  • Ned? Who's that??
  • I lost Д10!
  • whos the Ned ur talkin' 'bout?
  • hes an adventurer? thats not for me
  • Im a superhero
  • so do not deal with me!
  • and that ned shouldnt deal with me too
  • because.
  • that would be the worst idea ever huh?
  • keep calm and get yourself an insect
  • youre a vegeterian?
  • thats not good
  • vegeterians dont eat meat
  • meat is healthy and...
  • ... very tasty
  • but fine I understand you
  • plz Im desperate!
  • but he didnt?
  • oh ok
  • thats good
  • so THATS Ned?
  • oh hey Seymore!
  • I think I heard somewhere about you...
  • hmm...
  • are you... SEYMORE HOPPINGTON??
  • omg!
  • I guess I have to go stop Dog from turning Frog Place into Bullfrog Paradise...
  • byee!!!